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Atsiprašome, šis puslapis galimas tik Jungtinių Valstijų Anglų, Vokiečių, Italų, Rumunų, Europos Ispanų, Europos Portugalų, Lenkų, Kroatų, Latvių ir Čekų.


In order to use the product, you need to take a small portion of the product, which is previously applied to the brush. Purification is performed in a circle. After the procedure, rinse your mouth. Brush your teeth in this way every day.

Naudojimo instrukcijos

As part of a unique product, there are such valuable ingredients as: Hydroxyapatite. It is such a substance, which is extracted from shells from the sea, has an identical structure with an enamel. Mint. It guarantees a lasting pleasant aroma, fights with inflammations of the gums. Lime. It helps to freshen breath, differs the expressed polishing action. Calcium, fluorine. The ingredients help to strengthen the enamel, do not let the tissues break up. All components, acting in combination, guarantee a pronounced persistent effect, the whitening effect lasts for a long time, the microcracks become clogged, the oral cavity naturally heals. To buy such a paste is necessary for everyone who cares about the appearance and health of the teeth.


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